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Bill Sienkiewicz 1986-1987: covers for Judge Dredd Chronicles: City of the Damned and Books 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19


From Elon James White Tuesday night.


Karel Thole (1914 – 2000)

  • white people on tumblr:

    *reblogs creepshots of asian girls, creates memes about strict asian parents, ignores dark skin asian girls, labels asian girls as exotic and submissive*

  • asian girls:

    we aren't exotic mail-order brides who always get an A on a math test. stop perpetuating stereotypes that homogenize the ethnic/cultural diversity in our communities

  • white girls:

  • white people on tumblr:

    *reblogs a million sassy black woman gifs, makes posts about black girls being too loud, makes poor black women into memes and makes fake twitter accounts for them*

  • black girls:

    we can't breath without being turned into a joke, why can't we be respected? stop perpetuating the stereotype that we're one dimensional characters instead of complex human beings, we don't exist to be your entertainment

  • white girls:

  • white people on tumblr:

    *glues craft store feather on a headband, reblogs sexy cherokee princess costumes, jokes about scalping people *

  • indigenous girls:

    can you stop perpetuating the idea that we're hypersexualized savages? we've been fighting our whole lives to practice our culture and you think it's ok to make a costume out of it? indigenous girls have extremely high rates of being victims of sexual assault, that's not something to joke about

  • white girls:

  • girls of color on tumblr:

    *makes one joke about white girls and starbucks*

  • white girls:

    why are you being so misogynistic? all of you hate women, if i replaced white with black or asian i would be called a racist